Like, who even is she?

Camille Hollett-French was born in the Montreal suburb of Dollard-des-ormeaux, to a Newfie father and a Trinidadian mother who’s of Indian descent. Her father is a sales manager at a cemetery and her mother is an ordained pastor and naturopathic nutritionist. At the age of 13, Camille, her mother and her sister moved to Brampton, Ontario. She has one older biological sister, four younger step-sisters and one younger step-brother. Camille now resides in Vancouver.

She told her family from a young age that she would be a singer or actor, but didn’t actively pursue her career in the film and TV industry until she was about 18. Since then, she’s established herself in Toronto and on the international platform as the lead in the commercial success, Kingdom Come, an independent horror film released in 16 countries, and with a leading role in Fin, a short film about mental illness which was a recipient of the Irving Avrich Fund at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2014.

In 2013, Camille won a competition and scholarship for the Margie Haber Studio in LA. In 2016, she won the first monologue slam in LA hosted by Triforce Media at the world-famous Chinese Theatres and run by Arrow’s Jimmy Akingbola. It was juried by some of the industry’s top professionals including casting executives from ABC and CW and agents and managers from Authentic, Untitled and Buffalo 8.

In April of this year, Camille was announced as a finalist in Toronto’s Cayle Chernin Awards, which were developed to help “give a voice to passionate women in the performing arts who continue to explore avenues to tell their stories.” She is being considered for a three-part short film series about how sex and sexuality in our society relate to and affect women, no matter their levels of involvement, which she wrote and intends to direct. Award recipients will be announced in May.

Given her collaborative nature and wanting to uplift and develop the arts community, in 2015, Camille and a couple of her colleagues started a drop-in style acting association called the Dead Actors Society, whereby actors get together to train with professionals of varying backgrounds, like coaches, producers and directors, from the Toronto scene.

Camille has trained extensively in Toronto, Vancouver and LA. She also holds a diploma in print journalism. She began travelling the world at 17 with a school trip to Europe. At 18, she spent four months abroad as a foreign exchange student in Paraguay where we learnt Spanish. Since then she’s been to Romania, Israel and Palestine to name a few but has said, “No matter where I go, I will always consider Toronto home.”

She currently lives in a decommissioned and renovated shortbus with her chef partner and their cat-son.

Films, films, her favourite films...

28 Days Later
LA LA Land
Jurassic Park
The Danish Girl
50 First Dates
The Village
The Sixth Sense
Pan's Labyrinth
Schindler's List
Black Hawk Down
The Descent
The Descent: Part 2
The Ring
Wedding Crashers
Barney's Version

Some of her favourite shows...

The Office (the American version)
Nurse Jackie
The Sopranos
Freaks and Geeks
The Walking Dead (sometimes, uuuugh)
Bates Motel
Black Mirror
Jane the Virgin
Dawson's Creek
This Is Us
Jane The Virgin


2017, Toronto - Resident of ACTRA's YEAA Shorts program

2017, Los Angeles - Winner of LiveRead/LA, Mickey Fisher (Extant, Reverie) Edition for Her Story No. 2: Hush Little Baby screenplay

2017, Toronto - Finalist for the New Media division of the Cayle Chernin Awards 

2016, Los Angeles - Winner of Triforce Media's inaugural Monologue Slam (1-minute division) 

2013, Los Angeles - Winner of the Margie Haber Studio competition and scholarship

2009, Canada - Recipient of the National Bronze Award for Best Campus News Feature for the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards presented by Newspapers Canada


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